MOUSE & BROWSE help wanted

MOUSE & BROWSE help wanted

Post by HOWEN GEORG BARON VON DER - 010869/3045 » Tue, 21 Jun 1994 19:30:10

Hi, I am having these two problems with the BROWSE window:

1.) The BROWSE window in my application displays only one field.  By using the
cursur key the user can scroll through the database and select a record by
pressing return (using ON KEY LABEL).
I haven't been able though to let the user select a record with the left
mouse-button.  I would like the record to be selected and highlighted by just
pressing LEFTMOUSE.

2.) How can I suppress the fieldname in a BROWSE window.  I found out how to
assign my own title to the fieldheader, but is there a way to just suppress it?

Thanx for your tips !



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I've set up a screen with two child browse screens, but when they appear and
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I can create what I want from the command window: open 2 files in separate
areas, do a browse in one and adjust the size of that window, then do a
browse in the other and put its window just below, then click on either
window to move back and forth, but as soon as I put it into a screen file
with 2 children screens, it blows up.

Can somebody help me please?


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