Conversion to Oracle

Conversion to Oracle

Post by KOS.. » Sat, 20 Nov 1993 01:00:56

Good Morning, Netters!

--  I am converting an Ingres application to Oracle (don't ask why)!
--  Does anyone know of an "easy" way to replicate the Ingres 'copy'
--  function in Oracle (or with a unix script etc.)?

--  Thanks, Earl

I don't know about the COPY INTO aspects, but Oracle does have an
equivalent to the COPY FROM.  Oracle's SQL*LOADER is a command-line
(not SQL statement) file-to-table processor with two primary inputs.  The
first is the data file to be loaded, and the second is the name of a control
file which identifies the formatting aspects of the data file.  I believe
this is documented under the Oracle Utilities manual.

Bill Koster
Computer Sciences Corporation