Open OS400 Experiences wanted

Open OS400 Experiences wanted

Post by Brian Dougl » Sat, 06 Aug 1994 08:55:50

I'm posting this for a friend who doesn't have Usenet access.

IMC is a source-code licensee and value-added reseller of the Tuxedo Enterprise
Transaction Processing, and a provider of Tuxedo-related products and
professional services.

We are currently in the process of porting Tuxedo to the Open OS400
environment and are seeking those who are currently working with, or have
worked with Open OS400 to relate similar experiences, become potential beta
sites, or for further opportunities.

Brian Douglass          Tuxedo and OLTP Training and Consulting

Phoenix, AZ             Obviously any view is my own, I'm just a
602-957-6113            contractor to Sequent!


1. Experience with the Open Engine API (Open Insight)

I'm looking for someone with experience using VB to access data in the Open
Insight (Revelation Software) database system using the Open Engine API
(REVSHELL.DLL).  I've been experimenting with this using VB 4.0 16-bit and
am having considerable difficulty.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Charles Dunaway

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