INGRES REL 6.1 front-end,back-ends, or add-ons to QBF and RBF

INGRES REL 6.1 front-end,back-ends, or add-ons to QBF and RBF

Post by brya » Thu, 26 Apr 1990 06:55:12

We have just purchased INGRES REL 6.1.

We are looking for anyone who has developed and front-ends, back-ends,
or add-ons to QBF or RBF to make them a little more usable and or user
friendly to the end user. ( No matter how small and insignificant they
seem I would be interested in hearing about them )

Please email all responses:

Bryan M. Beck                                       Resource Systems
UUCP: osu-cis!resource!bryan                        Suite 390 2545 Farmers Drive

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  Well, I noticed that when I installed MSDE in my work machine, the name of
the Server and the Service they were inserted automatically by the
instalador of MSDE (informed in SQL SERVER SERVICE MANAGER).

      Please help me, I need to conclude these tests so that I can leave for
the system in definitive. In my users' machines it will rotate my FRONT-END
and BACK-END (BD) it will be in the server that can be my machine in this
example. Become trained as doing to configure a name for the so much Server
in my machine as in my users' machine so that FRONT-END can access BACK-END.
Reminding that don't have SQL SERVER 2000 and I am just working with MSDE in
all the machines.

Excuse for asking you so many details; it is that am still crawling " with

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