Forecasting in Essbase

Forecasting in Essbase

Post by Daniel Lev » Sat, 09 Nov 1996 04:00:00

To the guy looking for a forecasting tool in Essbase :

        I've just implemented Essbase for sales analysis in my company (a Coke bottler), now I'm going
to implement a forecasting tool working with Essbase called Boost (from Comshare). Recently I saw it
in a conference in Orlando and we've already had some demos simulating our business.

What we found over other products is that Boost lets you analyze not only the future but also the past
recognizing some key points you couldn't do in other ways. Boost uses mathematical and neural
algorithms, that's way it is more powerful than other systems pure mathematical (i.e. it recognizes
noisy data).

We are gonna use Boost in :
                        Historical analysis
                        Promotion Analysis etc.

We are finishing tests, and it's working ok, but I think it will be a nice product anyway. Feel free
to contact me in order to get some information about our experience.

                                Regards. Daniel Levi