The DataFlex DBMS Mailing List

The DataFlex DBMS Mailing List

Post by Brad Waddel » Fri, 20 Jun 1997 04:00:00

The DataFlex DBMS Mailing List

I'm pleased to announce the first ever DataFlex mailing list on the
Internet. This will allow free discussion of DataFlex and related
products among *all* internet users with e-mail, and will help to
promote DataFlex world-wide. Please tell everyone you know and have them
sign up now!

   DataFlex is an advanced 4th generation programming language with
   an integrated DBMS. The product is used by programmers world-wide
   to produce vertical market applications and corporate information
   systems. The release of Visual DataFlex brings the DataFlex developer
   community into the windows 32 bit GUI world.

   This list is designed for discussing on programming of DataFlex,
   related products, techniques and related issues. It is also designed
   to help increase exposure of DataFlex to the general Internet      
community beyond the long standing discussion forum "DACCESS" on

   To join the list, send the message:

   join dataflex

   Digest option (one message per day) available once subscribed.

   Other resources:

      Data Access:
      Datrixnet Web Board:
      FLEXquarters DataFlex Tools:


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