ingres net, www, security, cgi

ingres net, www, security, cgi

Post by Jennifer Me » Tue, 10 Oct 1995 04:00:00


PSMFC is a new web site.  we just got ingres net up and running a few days
ago.  one the issues unresolved by us is the user "nobody".  and how the user
"nobody" can use our cgi scripts (ingperl, html) to query our ingres
database on a seperate server.  our cgi scripts are on a server seperated
by a firewall server.  we are assuming that we are stuck with the user
"nobody" because of how the web handles users.

how are any of you resolving this issue?  we have set-up an environment for
"nobody" by assigning it some else's home and having it fire off their
.profile.  we are wondering how other ingres programmers are handling this

another puzzling piece to me is that ingres lets the user "nobody" query the
tables even though "nobody" is not a valid ingres user.  anybody have any-
thing to say about that?

please e-mail me at my office as i am not a subscriber to this list.  any
suggestions are appreciated.  thanks for your time.

jennifer mead


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