porting from FoxBASE+/Mac to FoxPro/Mac?

porting from FoxBASE+/Mac to FoxPro/Mac?

Post by Stephen E. Min » Fri, 28 Jan 1994 07:14:01

Can anyone tell me how much effort is involved in getting old
FoxBASE+/Mac code to run in the new FoxPro for Mac?  I have quite a
bit of code that was probably FB+/M specific.

Also, does the new FoxPro/Mac support HyperCard XCMDs like they did
for FoxBASE+/Mac?  If not, is there some other way to call external

You can send e-mail directly to me and I'll summarize for net.  Or
post directly if you think this is of general interest.

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I have an accounting application that run very good to an LC 475 with
Motorola 68..., it run to with old POWER PC by given a lot of memory,
but it wan't run on a Ibook with MAC OS 9 !!!

If some one have a solution please scribe me .....

Thank you so much
Sorry for my english

christophe pichonnaz
Lausanne Switzerland

fax 0041219071286

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