info request on OODBS

info request on OODBS

Post by Brian Ki » Sun, 13 Dec 1992 01:13:47

Quote:>We are looking for a commercial object oriented database system.
>Our criteria are:
> 1. It should be able to integrate with AutoCAD
>    or Intergraph Micro Station.

Whilst Oracle is certainly not OO currently, I know of companies
who have integrated AutoCAD with Oracle for process plant applications.
viz. use AutoCADas the visualisation tool and Oracle as the persistance
item, other applications are just bolted onto the pair of them.

Quote:> 2. It should be able to operate on platforms such as Unix, DOS and
>    preferably MS-Windows.

Obviously ORACLE is available on most platforms.

I am unsure whether any commercial OODB have yet developed an
interface to AutoCAD. I certainly doubt if it works !!

>If anybody on this net could provide some expert advice, it would be
>gratefully appreciated.
>By the way, has any one heared of a reported OODBS developed by MIT?
>Ming Sun
>School of Architecture
>Newcastle University, NE1 7RU, U.K.

Hope that helps.


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Brian J. King        | Voice: +44 91 222 6000 ext 8558  Fax: +44 91 261 1182    

Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU UK | UUCP : ...!mcvax!ukc!!B.J.King


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