Problems with WATCOM SQL 4.0

Problems with WATCOM SQL 4.0

Post by Phil Wils » Mon, 03 Apr 1995 05:00:00

Has anyone successfully used Watcom SQL 4.0 with Microsoft VC++ 1.5?
When using the AppWizard to enable database options, it never finds
any tables! The sql.log file shows a call to SqlError() so I assume an
error was returned from the ODBC driver, but have no clue what it is.
Watcom support has not been able to find the problem either. Here is
the sql.log file:

SQLAllocConnect(henv0B6F0000, phdbc4F6F0000);
SQLSetConnectOption(hdbc4F6F0000, 103, 0000001E);
SQLSetConnectOption(hdbc4F6F0000, 110, 00000001);
SQLDriverConnect(hdbc4F6F0000, hwnd83E0, "(null)", -3, szConnStrOut,
512, pcbCon
SQLGetInfo(hdbc4F6F0000, 9, rgbInfoValue, 2, pcbInfoValue);
SQLGetInfo(hdbc4F6F0000, 15, rgbInfoValue, 2, pcbInfoValue);
SQLGetInfo(hdbc4F6F0000, 23, rgbInfoValue, 2, pcbInfoValue);
SQLGetInfo(hdbc4F6F0000, 24, rgbInfoValue, 2, pcbInfoValue);
SQLGetInfo(hdbc4F6F0000, 25, rgbInfoValue, 10, pcbInfoValue);
SQLGetInfo(hdbc4F6F0000, 29, rgbInfoValue, 2, pcbInfoValue);
SQLGetInfo(hdbc4F6F0000, 6, rgbInfoValue, 32, pcbInfoValue);
SQLGetInfo(hdbc4F6F0000, 2, rgbInfoValue, 256, pcbInfoValue);
SQLAllocStmt(hdbc4F6F0000, phstmt4F570000);
SQLSetStmtOption(hstmt4F570000, 0, 0000000F);
SQLSetStmtOption(hstmt4F570000, 4, 00000001);
SQLGetFunctions(hdbc4F6F0000, 59, pfExists);
SQLGetInfo(hdbc4F6F0000, 44, rgbInfoValue, 4, pcbInfoValue);
SQLError(henv0B6F0000, hdbc4F6F0000, hstmt4F570000, szSqlState,
pfNativeError, s
SQLError(henv0B6F0000, hdbc4F6F0000, hstmt4F570000, szSqlState,
pfNativeError, s
SQLFreeStmt(hstmt4F570000, 1);


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