Call for Articles & Reviewers - Enterprise Frameworks

Call for Articles & Reviewers - Enterprise Frameworks

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***       Papers submission deadline for the theme issue          ***
***             >>>>>     August 1, 2000
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Software Practice & Experience Journal - Theme Issue
Call for Articles and Reviewers on
Enterprise Frameworks


Software Practice & Experience Journal seeks articles and reviewers for
this theme issue, scheduled for publication in March 2001. For more
journal information, check the following


An Object-Oriented Enterprise Framework (Enterprise Framework for short)

is a software architecture exposing a rich set of semantics and modeling

paradigms for developing and extending enterprise applications.
Enterprise frameworks are, by design, the cornerstone of an
systems engineering activities. Enterprise frameworks offer a
and flexible alternative to traditional tools and applications, which
numerous point solutions integrated into complex and often inflexible
environments.  Enterprise Frameworks play an important role since they
allow reuse of design knowledge and offer techniques for creating
reference models and scalable architectures for enterprise integration.
These models and architectures are sufficiently flexible and powerful to

be used at multiple levels, e.g. from the integration of the supply
of a multi-national corporation, to the construction of a global virtual

factory, and down to the monitoring and control system for a
single production cell.

These frameworks implement and enforce well-documented standards for
component integration and collaboration.   The architecture of an
Enterprise framework provides for ready integration with new or existing

components. It defines how these components must interact with the
framework and how objects collaborate.   In addition, it defines how
developers work together to build and extend enterprise applications
based on the framework.  Therefore, the goal of an Enterprise framework
is to reduce complexity and lifecycle costs of enterprise systems,
while ensuring flexibility.

The theme issue is designed to help organizations effectively develop or

adapt enterprise framework technology in the real world.  As such, we
seeking submissions which provide a treatment of:
     + Comprehensive technical and management guidelines: ranging from
       specifying enterprise framework structures and behaviors, to
       cost estimation and selecting the right enterprise framework
       and tools for the job.
     + Technical issues such as documenting frameworks and how to
       utilize enterprise frameworks.
     + Real world issues such as keeping your expensive framework
       up-to-date, ferreting out hidden costs, grappling with the
       problems of frameworks, and providing insight into successful
       development or adaptation of OO Enterprise Frameworks.
     + Limitations such as maintaining frameworks and adding value to
       your business.

Submissions will be presented in a practical, easy to understand manner.

This is information that readers can apply today.  We seek original
articles on specific issues related to enterprise frameworks that might
be addressed include (but are not limited to):
1. What are the key enterprise-oriented framework issues?
2. How to develop enterprise frameworks and what are the framework
3. What kind of evolution does an Enterprise Framework undergo and how
   it correlated with the enterprise life span?
4. How can the adaptation of OO enterprise framework be accomplished
   minimum impact on the cost and schedule?
5. Understand make vs. buy decisions, selection guidelines, and how to
   select and adapt the right enterprise framework for the job.
6. Understand the implication of enterprise business requirements on the

   framework design.
7. How to use your large-scale enterprise framework and how to protect
   your investment.
8. How to deal with resource requirements, enterprise framework
   integration problems, framework reporting, and others.
9. What are the impacts of enterprise frameworks on the national and
   global economy?

Reviewers: Please e-mail your contact information and your area of
interests to the lead editor.

Authors: Please submit one electronic copy in RTF interchange or
Microsoft Word document formats by August 1, 2000 to the lead guest

Dr. Mohamed E. Fayad
J.D. Edwards Professor
Computer Science & Engineering Dept., University of Nebraska, Lincoln
108 Ferguson Hall, P.O. Box 880115, Lincoln, NE 68588-0115
Ph: (402) 472-2615, Fax: (402) 472-7767


Articles may be of any length, ranging from a few pages (2-3 pages or
1,200 words) to a full treatment of a substantial software system or an
enterprise framework (say 40 pages or 25,000 words), including
illustrations.  Submissions are peer-reviewed and are subject to editing

style, clarity, and space.

For detailed author guidelines, check the following web site:

or   Theme Issues