MS Access Limitations

MS Access Limitations

Post by rwjohns.. » Fri, 31 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Does anyone know where I could obtain
benchmarking information on MS Access. I am
concerned that it may not be robust enough to
handle the large number of records that the
system I am designing requires.


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1. ODBC & MS-Access Limitations

Perhaps I'm missing something here.  Maybe someone could clarify the
position of ODBC and Access databases for me?  As I understand it:

ODBC is a great middleware service to simplify the creation and
management of cross-platform databases, etc.  VB is the uncontested
choice of IS pros who want to make front ends for databases.  VB Pro
ships with ODBC and Access includes its own ODBC stuff.  VP supports
the Access Jet engine.

However, it is not possible ( a la -2034 error) to connect to an
Access database via ODBC from VB 3.0?  If so, what good is the ODBC
support in VB for those who don't need the hassle of SQL Server?  Does
this mean that Access and VB together are useless in a network?

For example:  I'm using a 486/66 to run an application and wish to use
ODBC to connect to a database residing on our DEC AlphaStation 4/233
Alpha-based workstation.  Our SQL Server is for Intel only.  Is there
an Alpha version of SQL Server?  Or is there another way to get around
this artificial barrier of Microsoft?

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