Post by Deren ERCOSKU » Thu, 10 Aug 2000 04:00:00

Well I developped an activex component, that should run on any computer ...
Ok ... that any computer would be running MDAC 2.5. There is a MTS 2.0SP1
running on IIS 4.0/NT4.0 ... I had an system DSN pointing to a access
database  on the NT. And everything seemed to be working fine ... I mean
this code below, performed perfect ..

Set myRS = df.Query("DSN=Yemdata; UID=; PWD=;", sqlst)

Where SqlSt is any valid sqlstatement. Now, we are building up our Oracle 8i
database, running on a linux. And the information that is in my access
database is being moved to oracle. So my program would be querying from
oracle. Well at the NT server, i installed the Oracle client, and altered
the Yemdata DSN to point a oracle database, through Oracle ODBC Drivers ...
And I changed my Query Statement to


And just on this line, I get an runtime error:

Run time error '-214746759 (80004005):
Stream object cannt be read because it is empty, or the current position is
at the end of the stream. For non-empty strams, set the current position
with the Position property. To determine if a stream is empty, check the
size property.

And I don't have a clue on what to do ... Any suggestions ... ?

Thanks in advance ...

And just to mention
df =

Set dataspace = CreateObject("RDS.Dataspace")
Set df = dataspace.CreateObject("RDSServer.Datafactory", " ")