help clipper w95 wnt

help clipper w95 wnt

Post by Federico Giovacchin » Sat, 25 Apr 1998 04:00:00

 help clipper  help clipper
anomaly in clipper 5.2 in  network environment  w95 and wnt. append blank
command creates anomalies in the tbrowse, that seem to go mad when the
followings conditions are verified .
1. the dbf file  is situated on the server
2. the file is declared shared in two different client
3. from a client is appended a new record while on the other is active a
4. after the immission of data in the first client,  the tbrowse of the
second seems to go mad
the proofs have stayed sorts with different applications (it is on the
server that on the client) also with the same dbu.exe (also clipper 5.3)
do you have any suggestion?
thank you


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I have SQL Server 7 installed on a machine (machine 1 - WinNT Server) and
MSDE installed on another machine (machine 2 - Win95). I have a publication
on machine 1 (called Pub1). I want to create a pull-subscription for this
publication, on machine 2. If I use the "Pull subscription" wizard provided
with Access2000, the subscription is created successfully. But if I run my
program, which uses  SQLDMO to pull a subscription, I get an error

"An error occured in the function CreateMergePullSubscription with err
number as -2147200466 - [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL
Server]Windows NT Authentication mode is not supported by the server."

Why does this happen?  The SQL Server version is 7, SP1 and the MSDE version
is 1.0.


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