performance problem under HP-UX

performance problem under HP-UX

Post by Paul Beedl » Tue, 04 Jul 1995 04:00:00


> oh. yeah. almost forgot. We're running on a HP 9000/827.

From my experience... upgrade your CPU.  I suggest at 847.  Also, since
this is a single CPU machine, I also recommend a single iidbms... unless
you can isolate the queries that table-scan.  If you can do this, I would
consider a server/class that handles reports/analysis and run your queries
that scan on this server.
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1. performance problem under HP-UX

Hi, me again. While watching for another problem, I've noticed that our
6.4 installation, running under HP-UX 9.something, is not getting really
good performance. I'm running two servers, both configured for 32 users,
and both usually running with about 17. I've got a comfortable amount of
memory allocated, an oversupply of locks available, and a nice fast disk.
However the iidbms processes seem to chew up a hell of a lot of CPU,
mainly when doing queries which are scanning entire tables.

Our installation is quite active,and I do know that we have a reasonably
high number of rules and db procedures. Is it possible that this is the
culprit? are db procedures a real performance killer?

Any suggestions for things I should look at are more than welcome,
especially by e-mail.

oh. yeah. almost forgot. We're running on a HP 9000/827.

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