script between WWW & Informix

script between WWW & Informix

Post by inigo garc » Tue, 11 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Is it possible to make an aplication that supports a remote query to a database
through WWW ?

How can I make the apropiate scripts to make a query and to get the result
into a HTML document ?


1. script between WWW & Informix

I am interested in creating an aplication consisting in making queries to a
informix database from WWW software client.
I have done several scripts with ESQL/C and they works running from the
operative system but they do not answer the query from the WWW.
When you execute the script  from WWW it ignores the lines that printout
the results of the sql-query but it executes whichever "printf" else
(any other variable or message).
I think that it may be a problem with the permissions of informix.
Could anybody give me a clue to resolve my problem?



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