ADOX & Linked table

ADOX & Linked table

Post by Patrick Paqui » Thu, 13 Sep 2001 22:41:57


I want to link  a table Oracle via ODBC to a database
Access 97.  I am able to do this but with a NUMBER(11,0)
field, access change the data type for a text type field.  
Can I change the data type of field in the database Access
97 with ADOX in a VB application?

If yes, how?


Patrick P.

Sorry for english writing, I'm a french canadian!


ADOX & Linked table

Post by Steven Br » Fri, 14 Sep 2001 06:58:46

You can use ADOX and try changing the field object's "type" property to
adNumeric or adInteger, but Access may not have support for a number with
the precision and size you are specifying.

Steven Bras, MCSD
Microsoft Developer Support/Visual Basic WebData
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