PdoxWin - Report Des. Problem

PdoxWin - Report Des. Problem

Post by wells da » Sun, 22 Aug 1993 11:02:07

I have this problem when in report design mode in Paradox.  When I am
designing a 3 column multiple table and specify the data to be listed
top-down then left-right, the report output exceeds the page width and goes
across the page for another 10 columns, which I did not specify.  However
when I use the same 3 column format with the data left-right, then top down,
the 3 column output is printed as designed and fits perfectly on the page.
Why is it when all I do is check top-down then left-right column the data
goes screwy and extends for many columns off the page?  Is this some bug?

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1. PdoxWin 4.5 Report Problem

I know 4.5, but the first one who tells me to upgrade can talk to the US
Government <s>

Seriously, a strange problem is happening on a Paradox for Windows (4.5)
Report.  The report is pretty basic, a tableframe pointing to one table,
date, page number, and title across the top, record count and a Average
Field along the bottom . .the report works fine.
  The user wanted another piece of information, the inclusive dates for
the report placed right below the title.  Since the report can be for
all dates or a date range, I decided to use an environment string and a
formula in an undefined field to display it on the report.  Logically
this made sense to me.  When I right click on the undefined field, then
check the calculated box, and finally enter my formula everything looks
OK, until I hit the OK button.  The error message "The object names,
<tableframe name>, has the same name as another object.  Please rename
it."  It deosn't seem to have anything to do with the environment
string.  Anyhting I put in that formula box causes that error.

  Any ideas,
    Ted Herrlich
  I swear that no object names are in conflict, and even when I change
the name of the tableframe , ,and everything else on the report, the
same error comes up.  And I am sure you are familiar with the incredible
amount of information the Paradox Error Help Button Offers (sarcasm

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