Seagate Info 7.5 Server Hangs

Seagate Info 7.5 Server Hangs

Post by Garett Redelin » Sat, 21 Dec 2002 18:02:59

I am having trouble with a Seagate Info server that will hang.
Entries like:

Access denied attempting to launch a DCOM Server...
WMI ADAP was unable to retrieve data from the PerfLib subkey...
Print job for viewing report(\\Server\SI\OUTPUT\blah.RPT) fails with
Error ()...
an unnamed file contains an invalid path. :
MRxSmb - " The redirector failed to determine the connection type.

These errors happen at different times and some are not related to the
Seagate Info Processes.

The APS server, does not hang but is getting jammed with the following
errors at the same time:

Error in DLL:   2101|Failed to read from worker process!|Error occured
in Layout Extractor (LAExtrc) module: Invalid XML file.  MSXml.dll
fails to parse D:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Crystal Enterprise
Solution for Baan\IBR\og_temp/b2c006681497.xml

The Open Procedure for service "RemoteAccess" in DLL
"C:\WINNT\System32\rasctrs.dll" failed

Anybody ever have these kind of errors?  I have been unable to figure
out what is causing this and why the server will hang.  CPU, disk, and
memory don't seem to be an issue.

much thanks,



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