all Browsed out!!!

all Browsed out!!!

Post by yu129.. » Mon, 24 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Any help on the following problem I am having would be appreciated

I am having a little problem with screens involving browse windows.  I
would like the browse window be the main control for my screen.  I would
like to be able to select a record from the browse and then press ALT-U
(for example) and be able to bring up a screen that would allow me to
update the selected record in detail.  The problem I am having is that
the screen that I am bringin up (as the detail update screen) was
generated by the screen builder as a part of a screen set and thus is
involved in the main READ.  So when I bring up the screen (with Activate)
and then close it (just HIDEing it) the entire READ is exited instead of
allowing me to go back the browse window and continue selecting and
updateing records.  


1. browse, browse, browse

In my application 3 browse windows are opened (browse wait, browse wait,
browse nowait). The dbases in those 3 windows are related. How can I close
the other two windows automaticly when exiting the last opened window.

Thanks for all answers

Miha Kos

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