odbc .net drivers

odbc .net drivers

Post by James Hamad » Fri, 10 Jan 2003 05:55:43

How do I connect to and informix database using the
odbc.net drivers? I want to execute a stored proc in
informix and or is there a better way to connect? I am
trying to write this in vb.net or asp.net.

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I am using the newest version of the SQL Server ODBC driver (version as far as I know) to connect VB to my SQL Server 6.5 database. It
is a requirement of our connection to have encryption enabled and so I am
using the Multiprotocol net libary with encryption enabled. This is working
very well.

I would like to know is if it is possible to force the datasource to use the
Multiprotocol net libary, in case somebody has changed the datasource
definition through the ODBC manager (either accidentally or otherwise).
Please bear in mind I am using ODBC32.DLL, not DAO (in which case, I think
it would have been easy using the Connect string...). As far as I know, I
can use the SQLConfigDataSource for this - is this correct?



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