Unexpected initial protocol response (fwd)

Unexpected initial protocol response (fwd)

Post by in.. » Sat, 12 Aug 1995 04:00:00

                Can anyone tell me why the following error occurs
The error message reads as follows " Unexpected initial protocol
response. Protocol, read setup failure".
I am trying execute a fetch  and  later an update  on a table frequently
for every 2 minutes by multiple processes executing simultaneously



1. OpenRoad 3.5 protocol response error

Hi there,

I have been happily developing my OpenRoad Application with
6 components. I am using OpenROAD 3.5 on a WindowsNT platform
interfacing to an Alpha running openVMS and OpenIngres 1.2.

Yesterday I failed to retrieve definitions for any of my components.
It appears to be a protocol response error from the database.
The error is

E_LQ004B Repeated query 'mdbcache1' is not define.
 Unexpected protocol response when reading query identifier.

I have tried exporting, then importing my application. To no avail.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Please email me directly as well,



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