FPW 2.6 for Windows on OS/2 Windows Emulation Box

FPW 2.6 for Windows on OS/2 Windows Emulation Box

Post by ZorkBe » Wed, 01 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Dear Programmers,

  We have run into a rather odd situation.  We have some clients running our
software on OS/2 Machine in Windows Emulation Mode.  With the exception of a
few glitches  (twitchy shelling out to DOS programs for example), these sets
have presented few or no problems.  We recently upgraded our 2.6 code to take
care of some Y2K issues and shipped out the new executables.  However, now all
of a sudden the programs CRAWL!!  I mean SLOOOOOOW.  Like 3 or 4 minutes just
to boot up an executable for instance.  And this on 350 Mhz Pentium Pro
workstations!  I suspect the problem is a mismatch with the new code and their
(probably) lame old network drivers.  But I am not sure.  We tried using the
newly patched FOXW2600.ESL file, but that didnt seem to make a difference.

  Any clues to this mystery would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Occhipinti


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Cross posting 'cause this involves both Powerbuilder and SQL Anywhere.

A colleague of mine is attempting to get a Powerbuilder 5.03 app to
run under windows emulation on an OS/2 2.11 client (has to run a PC
legacy system).

His problem is that he can not get the Powerbuilder app to access an
SQL Anywhere database over a Netware 4.11 network. An ODBC trace
reports a 513 SQL errors but this is a complete red herring 'cause the
same app runs fine on a 'pure' Win3.1 client accessing the same
database on the same server.

He's checked that the correct versions of drivers and DLLs are
running. I've been on the Sybase web site and can find nowt relevant
on running under Win OS/2. From there I've also got hold of the docs
on DLL dependencies, info pertaining to connecting Powerbuilder 5.x to
SQL Anywhere 5.x databases and problems associated with Netware.

He's checked it all out and still nothing fits.

Anybody got any ideas? Is it possible to run under WIn OS/2?

If we get no joy here it's a phone call to Sybase to use up one of our
10 support 'lives' ;-)

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