FPW 2.6 - reports: page layout

FPW 2.6 - reports: page layout

Post by Anya Malkie » Fri, 04 Jul 1997 04:00:00

For one of my existing applications (FoxPro for Windows) some clients need
to have page size default to be Letter, but others need to have A4.
Are there any known tricks to do this with the same FRX file?
Thanks, Anya


1. FPW 2.6 Report Dialog w/o page number

My client is running Win NT clients and Novell on the server.  When
sending a job to the printer sometimes the print dialog box appears
with the FRX and "page:" but no page number.  This locks up the PC, the
Task Manager reports that Foxpro is not running.  When I end the task
and launch Foxpro again I get a GPF.  I must restart Windows.  The
workaround I have employed is to scatter the record, append a new
record, gather memvar, and finally, delete the old record.  My question
is, is there a more elegant solution?


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