Where is a draft of PDES?

Where is a draft of PDES?

Post by Graham O'Ne » Thu, 21 Nov 1991 02:14:49

I would appreciate any information on the status of the

``Product Data Exchange Specification''

or PDES as its more intimately known.

I believe it is in a draft form, so I would be interested in scheduled
dates for release, availability of a copy of the draft, and the name of
a contact at the sponsoring organization [DoD, Navy, ANSI, ISO, ???].
I have been told there is a group in C*te, NC shepherding this
standard through its gestation, named PDES Inc... Alas, directory
assistance has no trace of them.

Replies to me and I will summarize if there is interest.


Lockheed  2400 NASA RD 1 Houston, TX 77058  (713)333-7197


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