Cross-Reference Listing for Progress V7

Cross-Reference Listing for Progress V7

Post by Maik Winkelma » Tue, 22 Jul 1997 04:00:00

the XREF-Output Progress generates in V7 has some faults (e. g.
assign with multiple variables generates an XREF-Entry only for the
first variable). Therefor i'm looking for a tool that generates an
Cross-Reference like Mainframe-Compilers

Variable-Name     Line-Number1 Line-Number2 etc..

Knows anyone if that sort of tool exists and where i can get it ?

Greetings Maik


1. Nested Tables for List-to-List cross reference

In light of Oracle's new nested table features, what's the best way to
implement "list to list" processing such as:

  show articles interesting to this user

where an article will have one or more topic areas
(e.g., "finance," "technology", etc.) and a user will have one or more
designated areas of interest

Traditionally you'd implement it as several tables.

With an SQL statement such as this to "show interesting articles for a
user"     select * from articles
        where article_id in (
                select article_id from article_areas
                where article_area  in
                        ( select interest_area from user_areas where
user_id = :user_id_in)

Note: if you know a better way to do this, please comment.

What are the pro's and con's of implementing these types of list as
nested tables, i.e. where you have only two tables: Article (with a
column listing article areas) and users (with a  column listing of
areas_of-interest)?  What would the SQL look like?

It's not obvious from the examples I've seen that you can do this type
of processing with nested tables, e.g. select an article that had a
discussed an topic-area.

bill milbratz

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