VFP - @ say, @ get, READ - documentation

VFP - @ say, @ get, READ - documentation

Post by Todd Burstai » Fri, 22 Sep 1995 04:00:00

not function quite right.  Allready in 3.0 I've had some problems.  The
essence is that VFP is an event programming language now.  Read is not an

independent of what happened before or after them.  Solution is to use
forms and in the forms use labels and textboxes.  Takes some getting used
to and I think it is slower coding, but is less buggy in the final
application as you don't have to check the "state" of previous gets etc.
 Just when you finally understood what a foundation read  was ....

VFP - @ say, @ get, READ - documentation

Post by Orozco & Tel » Wed, 27 Sep 1995 04:00:00

>    I am aware you can have field level and record level "validation
>expressions" in a table.  Is there a way to have field level picture
>expressions.  So, for example, if you always wanted a field capitalized,
>there a way at the field level to include a picture expression function

>field was accessed?   How do you implement the equivalent of "picture"
>formatting in VFP forms?

You can't get that functionality from the data dictionary that ships
with Visual FoxPro. However, there are a number of utilities to do
that sort of thing (Data dictionary "extenders").

One is EDC (Extended Database Container?), by Tom Rettig.
I suppose it'll be available to download "somewhere".
If you have access to CIS, you can get it in the VFOX forum.


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Hi all

While the VFP encourages us to code in objects including text boxes and

with the object capabilities that it provides.

Solved the chaos to integrate the grid object with the says/gets by
displaying with the grid in containers and being in active control
inside a child form where the parent form includes many say gets, it
looks and works fine to me.  However, is there any simplier way in
solving the problem?

clues in using it.  It needs [read] command to activate the commands to
similate the [get] behaviour.  But how can it be made to similate the
[say] behaviour.

Many thanks for the advices.

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