Why moveComplete event invoked why AddNew is called?

Why moveComplete event invoked why AddNew is called?

Post by Bob Stratto » Mon, 11 Feb 2002 00:53:10

One of the parameters on the MoveComplete event is "adReason" which will
tell you "why" you're there.

If you want, here's a VB Function to translate it to English for you.....

Private Function Get_adReason(adReason As ADODB.EventReasonEnum) As String
Select Case adReason
 Case adRsnAddNew '1
    Get_adReason$ = "Add New"
 Case adRsnDelete '2
    Get_adReason$ = "Delete"
 Case adRsnUpdate '3
    Get_adReason$ = "Update"
 Case adRsnUndoUpdate '4
    Get_adReason$ = "Undo Update"
 Case adRsnUndoAddNew '5
    Get_adReason$ = "Undo Add New"
 Case adRsnUndoDelete '6
    Get_adReason$ = "Undo Delete"
 Case adRsnRequery '7
    Get_adReason$ = "ReQuery"
 Case adRsnResynch '8
    Get_adReason$ = "ReSync"
 Case adRsnClose '9
    Get_adReason$ = "Close"
 Case adRsnMove '10
    Get_adReason$ = "Move"
 Case adRsnFirstChange '11
    Get_adReason$ = "First Change"
 Case adRsnMoveFirst '12
    Get_adReason$ = "Move First"
 Case adRsnMoveNext '13
    Get_adReason$ = "Move Next"
 Case adRsnMovePrevious '14
    Get_adReason$ = "Move Previous"
 Case adRsnMoveLast '15
    Get_adReason$ = "Move Last"
 Case Else
    Get_adReason$ = "Reason unknown"
End Select
End Function

Quote:> Does anybody know why? Then how do I differientiate
> between regular
> moveComplete and moveCompleted invoked by AddNew?

> Thanks
> Pat


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