Prime MIDAS+

Prime MIDAS+

Post by Tim Cant » Sat, 12 Dec 1992 04:05:16

Hi all,

if (strcmp(company, "Computervision Corporation") == 0 ||
    strcmp(initials, "DT") == 0 || strcmp(initials, "WB") == 0)
  exit(0); /* you know who you are :) */

Has anyone ever used Prime Computer, Inc./Computervision Corp.'s MIDAS+?
  -- if not stop reading now :)

Did you use it with Prime CBL or Prime COBOL85?
  -- if no, then what do/did you use it with?

Do you still use MIDAS+?
  -- if yes, stop reading now :)

Did you convert to something else?
  -- if no, stop reading now :)

What are you using now? (name, maker, cost, etc... on what hardware, too)

Please e-mail replies if you can, else post them...

Thanks in advance!


#include "stddisclaimer.h"

 * Computervision Corp., Computervision Services Department, 10-21
 * 500 Old Connecticut Path, Framingham, Massachusetts 01701  (U.S.A.)
flames > /dev/null 2>&1


1. Prime Information - Prime Computer inc. 1991

Firstly, I have little or no clue about Prime and what Prime is.

I have a client that has a system written in 1991. I think it is a Prime
application. This is what I find when I edit the EXE.
Copyright (c) 1988, Prime Computer, Inc., ALL rights reserved.
***  This copy of Prime INFORMATION/pc software may be used only on a ***
***  single authorized computer in accordance with the terms and      ***
***  conditions of the licensing agreement accompanying the software. ***
   Rev 2.3  Serial Number R40250, 4 March 1991

The programmer has dissapeared and they want me to rescue their data into
Access or SQL server.
The data appears to be sitting in ".OV" files. Other files present are
".DAT" files, and ".DIC" files.

Am I on the wrong track totally.  Or can someone help me ????


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