CFP: (MM'94) Workshop on Multimedia Data Base Management Systems (M-DBMSs)

CFP: (MM'94) Workshop on Multimedia Data Base Management Systems (M-DBMSs)

Post by Kingsley C. Nwo » Sun, 24 Jul 1994 01:35:50

                                CALL FOR POSITION PAPERS

                        Workshop on Multimedia Database Management Systems (M-DBMS)

                                        in conjunction with

                        2nd ACM International Conf. on Multi-Media (MM'94)

                                Oct. 15 - 22, 1994, San Francisco, CA.
Bruce Berra, Syracuse University
Kingsley C. Nwosu, AT&T Network Systems
Bhavani Thuraisingham, The MITRE Corporation

This workshop will investigate issues in designing and developing M-DBMSs.  A
M-DBMS which supports distributed applications should integrate the two
technologies of distributed/heterogeneous databases and multimedia data
management.  This integration is one of the greatest challenges faced by  
information systems researchers and developers, and will be the main focus of
this workshop.   The topics to be discussed include the following:

 - data models,
 - storage structures,
 - system, schema and functional architectures,
 - retrieval algorithms,
 - update algorithms,
 - metadata management, etc.  

Participants of the workshop will include members of the database
community and the multimedia information systems community.

Workshop participation is on invitation only based on the acceptance
of a position paper. Prospective participants should submit a 3-5 page
position paper addressing one or more of the above issues or related issues.
Each position paper should include some information about the author's
experience, current projects, affiliations, and full contact information.

Please, submit three copies of your position paper to:

Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham
The Mitre Corporation
Burlington Road
Bedford MA 01730

Phone:  617-271-8873
Fax:  617-271-2352


Dr. Kingsley C. Nwosu
AT&T Network Systems
67 Whippany Rd.
RM 2C-256
Whippany, NJ 07981-0903.


Important dates:
Position paper submission deadline:             08/7/94
Notification of acceptance/rejection:           08/22/94
M-DBMS Workshop                                 10/22/94