Access 2002 adp frontend Sql Server 2000 backend (Reports Problem)

Access 2002 adp frontend Sql Server 2000 backend (Reports Problem)

Post by Boy » Fri, 21 Jun 2002 22:25:11

Hello All

I am new to adp and sql server, i have a access mdb database that we
are converting to adp to link with our new sql server.

The access database was access frontend as well as access backend.

I have got all the forms to work in the adp/sql the way there were in
the access/access file.

The problem i now have is my reports use to prompt the user the enter
parameter values so that they would get the relevent data in there

I dont know how to do this correctly.

I have been reading Andy Baron's Microsoft Access Developer guide to
SQL Server, and have tried the examples with regard to input
parameters and if i run the recordsource i get the data i want but
when i run the report i get an error as follows:
Column(____PARAM::ActivityID)was used in a CALC expression but is not
defined in the rowset.

If i hard code the parameters dirctly in the recordsource it works but
not from the prompt.

Can anyone help please

Thank you



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We are evaluating the possibility of upsizing an Access mdb to an
Access 2002 adp project on SQL Server 2000. As our current platform is
Windows NT 4.0 SP 6, we are really concerned of this very quote that
I've found on the online docs of Access 2002.

/begin quote

Supported Microsoft SQL Server databases:
You can connect to one of the following SQL Server databases:

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 on Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft
Windows 98 or later

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine on Windows 2000 and Windows
98 or later

Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or later (with
Microsoft Windows NT Service Pack 4 or later) and Microsoft Windows 95
or later)

Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) on Windows NT 4.0 or later and Windows 95
or later

Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 on Windows NT 4.0 or later (with SQL Server
Pack 5 or later)

end quote/

I tested an upsizing made on SQL Server 2000 Personal Edition and all
seems to work properly even in NT 4.0.

Any clarification, especially form MS guys, will be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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