Powerbase Database System (Not Psion)

Powerbase Database System (Not Psion)

Post by Dave » Fri, 05 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone remember the old Powerbase DBMS?  If so, do you know how I can
find out Y2K information about it?

Any help would be appreciated.



1. PS: Psion 5mx, Psion 5 & software

I've just "down-sized" to a Revo, and want to sell my old hardware and
most of my software.  All items in very good condition unless stated
otherwise, and all software original of course!

* Series 5mx 16MB, boxed with all original software, manuals etc, plus
power supply.  190 UKP.

* Series 5 MB, intermittent backup battery warning problem - probably just
needs contact cleaning, but obviously cannot guarantee this.  Manual,
PsiWin 2 disk, cable and leather case.  90 UKP.

* 32MB Simple Technology flash.  30 UKP.

* Allegro "graffiti" handwriting recognition software, boxed with manual.
15 UKP.

* Monopoly, boxed with manual.  15 UKP.

* Presentation Maker with manual. 15 UKP.

* Caligrapher natural handwriting recognition, with manual.  15 UKP.

* Money with manual.  20 UKP.

* Expense Manager with manual.  20 UKP.

* En Route (aka Route Planner) with manual.  20 UKP.

All offers in the UK considered, especially if you can collect from the
Croydon area.

Jeremy Rickard

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