Record Delimiter Bug in FoxProd 2.5 Mac?

Record Delimiter Bug in FoxProd 2.5 Mac?

Post by A » Sun, 29 Oct 1995 04:00:00

>         Is there a bug exporting files from FoxPro 2.5 for the Mac?
> (i.e. to a tab|comma delimited, etc.)  Somebody told me there was, and
> since then I have been opening up the documents in a word processor
> and search for some funky character that is used as a record delimiter
> and replacing it with a return mark.  
>         However, recently I had to export a very large file and the
> word processor I was using wasn't capable of handling a 8 meg file.
> So I was looking around and trying a few different things.  In some of
> the applications, the funky characters were gone, and the line breaks
> word as they should have.
>         So is the bug really there?  Is it just that a return mark is
> different depending upon what platform you are using?  If there is a
> bug, is there a program or script or something that fixes it (and
> hopefully won't *on a large file?

I ran into the bug your talking about when I was developing a query app
that included an option to COPY TO comma or tab (can't remember which)
file suitable for mail merge w/Word 5.1

Microsoft Fox tech support has a fix available for download. It's a
program in Fox code that uses low level file i/o to insert missing
chr(13)'s, or something like that. If you can't get it from them, I may
have it somewhere.

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