Need Help! Sub-totals within Sub-Totals

Need Help! Sub-totals within Sub-Totals

Post by Diane L. Emmi » Mon, 16 Sep 1996 04:00:00

How do you do Sub-totals within another Sub-Totals on Visual FoxPro
reports? I am doing a financial report for a client.  

For example, I need to sub-total Revenues and then add another revenue
category and create another sub-total.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

Diane Emmich


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I have a question which is probably fairly simple to answer, but I just
can't do it :-)

Let's assume we have a table T  with one column c1 accepting nulls.
I want to know, how many instances of each different non null value of
c1 exist in this table, so I use the following query :

select c1, count(*)
from  T
where c1 is not null
group by c1

This produces for instance :

------------    ------
value1          10
value2          123

My question is what query should I write to get this AND a grand total ?
I was thinking of using a 'compute' clause but I'm unable to make it
work ...
The Transact-SQL help and docs are of no help at all.

All suggestions welcomed. Mail answers preferred.
Thanks in advance.

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