Need your help in learning Database Language,

Need your help in learning Database Language,

Post by MANSOOR BAI » Wed, 02 Apr 1997 04:00:00

My name is Mansoor Baig. I am from Pakistan. I am looking for those WWW
sites from where I could learn database programming like Foxpro, Dbase,
Access, Etc.
If you know a site that could help me in learning database programming,
please tell me.

I would be much much grateful to you, as I am new to programming and want
to learn computer programming.

Thank you


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I'm confused. I don't know which database language to learn. I'm an
engineer trying to make a career change to computer programmer.

What are the differences between Oracle, MS-SQL and MS-Access???

With what language would I find the most entry-level positions?

Any advise would be appreciated!


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