database source code needed

database source code needed

Post by Pi-chun Ch » Sat, 11 Jun 1994 06:22:13


        I am trying to build a database using c language. Now I am
working on the query program part . Since I have no experience with
that before, it's hard for me to begin. If anyone has source code of
query program or some experience on that, please mail me.

        Your help is greatly appreciated .

        Pi-Chun Chen

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1. ODBC Database Source Code--need advice

Here is the link to my I-drive.  Username is Pahopkin and password is

Feel free to navigate to the shared section.

Here you will find the implementation of my ODBC C++ Database program
- I
need your help to figure out one small bug.

The database is and an ODBC system DSN connection must be
established call it "MyDb"

The database file itself is called

You will discover that when you navigate to an incorrect record, when
user enters an incorrect integer, that the exception throws and leaves
program in a state where you have to restart the database.  How do I
implement the correct way as you did, where I tell the user an invalid
has been made.  If you enter text in the Jump to box, you get the
I can't figure out where this message comes from.

How do I implement a graceful exit on an invalid integer?


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