Interface to Sybase DBLIBS/NETLIBS

Interface to Sybase DBLIBS/NETLIBS

Post by John Be » Thu, 28 Apr 1994 19:37:52

        Our company has a product written in a Pick-like database product
that has an interface to the Sybase DBLIBS/NETLIBS suite.  One of our
customers has a need to make both ad-hoc and pre-defined SQL queries of
our database from a product they intend to purchase.  The product they
intend to purchase is available under both Oracle and Ingres.  My questions
to all you Oracle/Ingres literate people are:  (1) What facilities exist
within Oracle/Ingres to facilitate SQL queries via the Sybase interface?
(2) Do such facilities require the purchase of extra Oracle/Ingres modules
or perhaps third party products? (3) How do these facilities handle non
standard extensions to the syntax of SQL statements - we need some added
clauses to guarantee that the returned tables are viewed as fully normalised
by Oracle/Ingres.

Thanks in advance,


Interface to Sybase DBLIBS/NETLIBS

Post by Doug Thoms » Fri, 29 Apr 1994 11:20:59

looks like you need ODBC, or else
Oracle's SQL*Connect for Sybase - but I am not sure
there is a SQL*Connect gateway for Sybase.

the other question is whether your "non-Sybase Sybase"
will work properly under such approaches.

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