updating disconnected recordsets

updating disconnected recordsets

Post by Fintan O'Neil » Sun, 10 Mar 2002 02:34:42

When calling updatebatch on a re(dis)connected recordset,
an error is generated for updates where the original query
involved a union. The error relates to insuficient key
column information. This is the result of the ole db
persistence xml schema not including a 'rs:keycolumn=true'
attribute on a keycolumn (involved in the union) when the
recordset was originally disconnected and schema attached
via adPersistXML. Attempting to set the dynamic ADO
property 'unique value = true' - as per MS article
Q145493 -  fails to resolve the issue. Has anybody
experienced this issue/found a solution?



1. update disconnected recordset

I create a disconnected recordset and set the form's
recordset property to this recordset.  Works Ok.  I then
add a new record (recordset.addnew).  When I try to set
values for the fields in the new record, I get an error
only on the field that corresponds to the primary key in
the underlying table.  (The other fields update OK.)  If
the recordset is disconnected, how does ado know this
field is a primary key?  Is there any way to successfully
carry out this operation, or should I try another
approach entirely?

Any help appreciated.


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