Connect to netware progress data server 7.3c

Connect to netware progress data server 7.3c

Post by Sui Se » Wed, 01 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Hi everyone, I have progress nlm data server 7.3c loaded on netware 3.2 file
server. however I cannot connect to the data server use 7.3a client
networking. However, i can connect to 7.2d netware data server nlm. I got the
error message "Server (database server name) unavailable (733). according to
Progress documentation, all versions of 7.x client can connect to all versions
of 7.x data server. I am using windows 98. Any info will be appreciated.



1. Help ! Connecting Progress 7.3c with ODBC

        I'm traying to connect our main Progress 7.3c database running
in a IBM RS6000-R40 machine with AIX 4.2, with a PC running Delphi3 and
VB4 applications .
   I've downloaded the OpenLink Lite for Progress8 Large (32 bit) ODBC
driver and now I'm trying to use it, but I get no connection.
   My scenario:
      - In main computer the database is started with -S myservice -N
TCP parameters
      - In my PC running Win95, I've installed Progress 7.3d client,
ODBC data source administrator(latest version)
      - I've configurated a datasource with the following session
         -db MyMainDatabase -S myservice -H myhost -N TCP
      - Both computers have the host and service files configurated
      - If I connect my PC Progress client to the Main database the
connection is established without any problem
      - If I'm trying to connect the Main database using the OpenLink
demo programm I'm getting every time an error :
     SQL State:08004    
     Native: 0
     Message : [OpenLink][ODBC][Driver] connection rejected by data

    What is wrong in my scenario ?
    Is possible to connect Progress server running in a UNIX machine
with PC running Win95 in an efficient mode ?
     Thank in advance for your help.

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 * URL   :   *      8560 Gullegem , Belgium          *

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