SIR and the HP9000, an unhappy couple

SIR and the HP9000, an unhappy couple

Post by Phil Sca » Sat, 09 Jan 1993 06:32:32

We are (trying) to run SIR 3.1(beta) on our HP9000/827s system and are
having a HELL of a time.  None of the concurrency features function
properly.  The master program garbles our databases when we try to use
mforms or mdbms.  Has anyone had any luck running SIR on their Unix
system or on their HP9000?  The folks at SIR Australia (the development
group) cannot seem to get a handle on the problem even though we sent
copies of our schema along for them to analyze.  We have now sent them a
complete export database to analyze and given them an ultimatum: 2
weeks.  Fix it or give us our $$ back.  I am truly ticked.

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select a
use employee order ssn
Ok, here's the snippet...

select b
use absence

set relation to ssn into a
set skip to employee

        replace vac_grant with a.vac_ent

close all

What I want this code to do is, scan thru the table in area b ssn by ssn;  
when it finds a corresponding ssn in the table in area a, replace the field
called vac_grant in area b with the value in field vac_ent in area a.

This set relation stuff is real confusing, and I would GREATLY appreciate any
help with this one.

Thanx much, RH

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