TPC-B benchmark source code for Oracle 6.2/Meiko system

TPC-B benchmark source code for Oracle 6.2/Meiko system

Post by Albert Burg » Mon, 27 Jul 1992 01:49:57

Hello there,

As preperation for some other work I would like to run a TPC-B benchmark
in an Oracle 6.2/Meiko computing environment. Is there public domain
source code available for this? Or did anybody write their own software
and would be willing to send me a copy?

|   Albert Burger, University of Edinburgh, Department of Computer Science   |
|    JCMB #1410, The King's Bldgs., Mayfield Road, Edinburgh EH9 3JZ, UK     |



1. TPC-A,B,C benchmark source code

        If anyone knows how to get the TPC benchmark source code, I
would like to know, too.  Specifically, I would like to use the TPC
benchmarks to see how our particular hardware platforms stack up against
those used by the TPC.
        I'm also interested in getting a copy of the most recent TPC
benchmark results, particularaly for Sybase 10.0.1/P2.
        Please respond via e-mail.

Kirk Martinez

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