Post by Pam Hajny D-7131 X645 » Wed, 01 Feb 1995 14:15:43

see if this works.  i put some blank lines at the front to get around the
proably of missing the beginning.

i think a two-day meeting once or twice a year would be good - give us a
chance to look at something in more depth.  if you're looking for topics,
some issues that are relevant to us are:
   1) integration and standards for off-the shelf software
   2) Living with a mix of backends
   3) odbc - what are the issues in selecting middleware for your client/
      server applications
   4) using powerbuilder or ms access to get to ingres databases - pros,
      cons, lessons learned, disaster avoidance, etc.

if you can't find a speaker with answers and think there is knowledge of
these topics in the group, i might be able to lead a discussion starting
with our experiences and trying to draw out others.

let me know if you get this whole thing.  it starts with "see if this works".

directions in email would work if you don't have time to do a map.




Post by Pam Hajny D-7131 X645 » Wed, 01 Feb 1995 19:47:49

i hadn't read the beginning of your message.  those directions are great.