System GPA, VFP 5, Popup List, Functional Conversion

System GPA, VFP 5, Popup List, Functional Conversion

Post by Claude_Goldm » Thu, 29 Oct 1998 04:00:00

An existing FPW 2.6 programs was functionally converted to VFP 5.  The
problem we are having is that after selecting from a pop list the program
GPA;s.  The code follows: (note prompt field is one line in program thus no
semi colon in line).  The popup list is called from a VFP form.  

DEFINE POPUP locator ;
        PROMPT FIELD DTOC(history.dpaydate)+" "+pmttypes.cpaytype+"      
                "+STR(history.npayment,9,2)+" "+STR(history.ntmpbal,9,2) ;
        SCROLL ;
        MARGIN ;
        MARK " "

                POPUP locator ;
                SIZE 5,53;
                DEFAULT " " ;
                COLOR SCHEME 2

        READ MODAL

        DEACTIVATE POPUP locator
        RELEASE POPUPS locator

This program was also using a browse command to display history information.
The browse was causing problem. A new form was designed in VFP 5 to display
the history. That form has a grid and a command button. The only code it has
is to release the form using 'thisform.release' command. The problem is after
releasing the form, the calling form is also released. Any help would be


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