Migrating Data From OODB

Migrating Data From OODB

Post by Say-Kuan How 920075 » Mon, 24 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Currently, I am doing a thesis on the topic above, basically, the idea is
transfering the data from Oracle to O2. O2 have the class and everything
similar to C++. The question is anyone know how to create a class at run
time? Creating a class means if I got the table layout from oracle on run
time, then base on the table field, I can create a class on the spot.

'till here, thanks.

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1. (E)Migrating from OODB to RDB

Hi All:

I'm searching for any references on the above. I will look in the usual
places as well (e.g. Cetus Links), but if anyone has seen something,
please do contact me.



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