Ingres position sought

Ingres position sought

Post by Gabler8 » Wed, 21 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hello.  My name is David Gabler with The Comdyn Group, provider of full-time
project solutions for the Southeastern US, and I recently ran across your
message on an Ingres newsgroup.  We are constantly in need of Ingres P/As and
Ingres DBAs.  I would like to talk with you about those openings and see if
they fit with your priorities.  We offer excellent compensation, medical /
dental benefits, and a 401K plan.  I look forward to your response.

David Gabler
The Comdyn Group


1. INGRES/UNIX/DBMS person seeks position

A "friend" of mine, a long term (5 years+) INGRES user is seeking a
new position. He has over 6 years commerical "C" & UNIX experience,
including heavy duty DBMS design & development work, implementing
both QUEL & SQL DBMS systems, application tools including ESQL/EQUEL
precompilers, and support tools such as report writers, form editors etc.

Most recently he has been employed as a Senior MTS in the Tech. Support
organization of a major DBMS vendor, providing support on the new
generation of multi-server systems being deployed.

Systems analysis/design or project/team leader positions are of most interest.

Anyone interested in this person please call direct (DO NOT EMAIL IN REPLY)


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