Post by tim » Sat, 22 Sep 2001 14:24:01

I dont have microsft access, is there anyway I can use
excel when I write my visual basic programs instead of
using access, all signs point to no. I dont have $500 to
get access. Any repplacements that might work, I need
something, that will harbor thousands of names, dates etc,
with out access, and display them on a web page using ASP
or such procedures.
Any ideas?


Post by Frank Hickma » Sat, 22 Sep 2001 15:24:19

You can create and use Access databases in VB without actually owning

Frank Hickman
NobleSoft, Inc.


1. Pasar consultas a proyectos access / Convert access queries to access projects

Estoy tratando de pasar algunas consultas que usan campos de form para
filtrar datos:

por ejemplo:

select * from clientes
where usuario=Nombre_Usuario() and fecha=Form!FormSelecciones!Fecha_entrada

?Como harais esto?

(In weird English)
I 'm trying to convert a query that uses a field set in a form to use them
in a access project.
In example:

select * from customers
where user=Name_of_the_user() and date1=Form!FormSelections!date_arrival

How could I get this?

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