FoxPro/LAN 2.0 reference book ??

FoxPro/LAN 2.0 reference book ??

Post by <NTHUS.. » Mon, 13 Jan 1992 17:56:51

  We have FoxPro/Lan 2.0. We want to find some programming sample
written in version 2.0. Is there any book or magazine discussing FoxPro
2.0 programming technique ?



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It's been a long time since anyone has mentioned so many obsolete software
products in a single message. LOL

I can't help you out other than point out that the two memory standards
(DPMI and VCPI) pre-date Windows and *its* memory management and may never
be compatible. If they are compatible, great and good. It's an accident, but
a great accident. <g>

Wow ... what a blast from the past.


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