MS Graph in FoxPro

MS Graph in FoxPro

Post by James Chua » Sat, 09 Oct 1993 19:41:09

After tearing up the pages in the Foxpro 2.5 for Win docs, and reading
all the hidden readme.txts, I'm going nuts here....

Is there any way to create a graph, using MS Graph, under PROGRAM control?
That is, no user involvement in selecting graph type or other *

.APPs in the foxpro directory, and no docs showing how to use them?
I want to select a set of records, then display a certain type of graph,
with certain legends, all under program control.  Is this Possible?  
GENGRAPH.APP does it, but where is the source?

If there are any FTP sites with this information, please let me know.

Thanks a million in advance!

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if anybody out there knows the formatting for linking data to ms graph I could
sure use some help.  I need to know how to send things like graph title and
graph style to ms graph from within foxpro 2.5 for windows without using  If anybody has a solution to my problem please email me at

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