SSL related question

SSL related question

Post by Count Darli » Thu, 13 May 1999 04:00:00

We are using Piclan-IP for our web server. We need to add SSL support
to our sites to allow secure comm between the browser and the Web
server. Piclan-IP does not support SSL directly - there needs to be a
3rd party involved. Does anyone know of a product that can manage the
SSL connection with the browser while providing unencrypted links to
the Piclan server??

1. a complicated question related to related files

I have a large database (some 10,000 records) in Version 5.0, Windows
2000 with multiple related files. This is hospital based, and I need
to export records to a comma separated file. For this purpose, I have
created a file EXPORT to which I send the appropriate data from the
main database. In database CATH I have certain information and in
databaase HEMO I have additional information about blood pressures,
etc on patients. Since each patient may have multiple determinations
of blood pressure, there may be several separate records in HEMO, all
related to one record in CATH. For export purposes, I have created a
script that puts all the data from multiple records in HEMO into one
text field in EXPORT, using a loop function. I run this script from
CATH. However, the script does not always work--1 or 2 times out of 10
all the other data will be put into EXPORT but the file containing the
hemo data derived from the loop function will have no information in
it. I've put messages in the loop function and it shows those
messages, suggesting that it is looping, even in situations in which
the field has no information. Putting a PAUSE SCRIPT for 1 sec may
help (decreasing the number of times it does not function properly,
but not always. It seems to work better if I create the file from HEMO
in CATH, and then, in the same script, set the field in EXPORT with
the data (i.e. putting in an extra step), but I'm still not absolutely
sure I've solved the problem. I have spent hours on this, to no avail.
Any ideas?

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