Universe/Unidata/SB+ Programmer position in Denver

Universe/Unidata/SB+ Programmer position in Denver

Post by Information Personne » Thu, 23 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Information Personnel, an Ardent Software VAR, has opening for an
experienced Universe or Unidata or SB+
programmer in our organization.  The minimum pay, based on experience, is
around 70,000 a year.  We
offer a medical, 401k, flex time, telecommuting, and bonus pay.


1. US - Pick/Universe/Unidata/SB+ - permanent positions

Maverick Computing, Inc. is an established international consulting firm
with offices in Portland, Oregon, USA and London, UK.
We are currently looking for programmers/analysts
with Pick/Universe/Unidata/SB+ (Masterpack - a plus) experience for
permanent positions all over the US.

Please attach your resume as a Word document and e-mail it to:
Gunilla Wildey
Technical Recruiter
Maverick Computing, Inc.
Tel: (503) 248-0820 ext. 28
Fax: (503) 248-0821

Alternatively, fax your resume to the above number.
Please include your salary/relocation requirements, preferred locations and
availability and also
a telephone number that we may use to contact you.

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